Forensic Document Examination For The Collector

AMA Compilation Library

This compilation of the Academy of Manuscript and Autographs, LLC out of print books give various histories, case examples and details of forensic document examination, graphology, penmanship, ink and paper making.  Even though they are dated, they give valuable in site and information that is timeless.

All of these books are in PDF format, which require the Adobe Acrobat Reader (5.0 or higher) to view/print.  Click the icon below to download this free software.

  1. A treatise on disputed handwriting and the determination of genuine from forged signatures. by William E. Hagan
  2. Detecting criminal handwriting. by McGovern, Chauncey
  3. Questioned documents. by Osborn, Albert Sherman
  4. Photography and Questioned Documents. By Albert Sherman Osborn
  5. Disputed handwriting. by Lavay, Jerome Buell
  6. Literary forgeries. by Farrer, James Anson
  7. Ancient handwriting. by Saunders, William, palaeographer
  8. Scientific handwriting. by Luthy, Charles T
  9. Shakespere's handwriting. by Greenwood, G. G. Sir
  10. Graphology and the psychology of handwriting. by Downey, June Etta
  11. The theory and practice of handwriting. by John Jackson
  12. Shakespeare's handwriting and other papers. by Leftwich, Ralph Winnington
  13. Facsimiles of letters from His Excellency George Washington, President of the United States of America to Sir John Sinclair, bart., M.P. on agriculture and other intersting topics.  by Washington, George
  14. Oriental penmanship. by Palmer, Edward Henry
  15. The art of writing with the rapidity of speech. by Lewis, James Henry
  16. Public school penmanship by Clark. by Albert Willistine
  17. Penmanship of the XVI, XVII & XVIIIth centuries. by Day, Lewis Foreman
  18. The Palmer method of business writing. by Palmer, A. N.
  19. Graphology; how to read character from handwriting. by Hagen, Hugo J. von.
  20. The mechanics of writing. by Woolley, Edwin Campbell
  21. The history of ink. by Davids, Thaddeus.
  22. Inks their composition and manufacture. by Mitchell, C. Ainsworth
  23. Modern printing inks. by Seymour, Alfred.
  24. The chemistry and technology of printing inks. by Underwood, Norman
  25. Paper testing methods. by Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry. Committee on Paper Testing
  26. The manufacture of paper. by Robert Walter Sindall
  27. Paper technology. by Sindall, R. W
  28. Practical paper-making. by Clapperton, George
  29. The alphabet. by Taylor, Isaac
  30. The story of the alphabet. by Ege, Otto F.
  31. The history of the alphabet. by Taylor, Isaac
  32. Ancient and modern alphabets of the popular Hindu languages of the southern peninsula of India. by Henry Harkness
  33. The handwritings of the kings & queens of England. by William John Hardy
  34. The autographical counterfeit detector. by J. Thompson