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Each item is methodically examined and reviewed by our authenticators. Academy of Manuscript and Autograph uses state of the art technology to protect your genuine valuable collectible from any foul play. 

Appraisal is the act of estimating the monetary value of real, personal, or intangible property, usually performed as a service by someone recognized as an expert....

It's a service provided by the Academy of Manuscript and Autograph, LLC that enables you to get the opinion from our forensic document examiners....

An Online Authentication is a service that covers the obvious characteristics of handwriting such as letter formations, spacing, slant, line quality, measurement of slant and spacing, patterns, proportions, connections....

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As the popularity of autograph collecting has grown over the years, so has the demand for authentic autographs.
Despite the efforts of authentication services and auction house fakes, forgeries, pre-prints, and much more await an unsuspecting autograph buyer. It is estimated that the number of forgeries for sale far outnumber the number of authentic autographs. .... Read More


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Hello Jack,
Thanks for a great service authenticating my autographs. I thought at the time it was a lot of money but now I believe it was one of my best buys ever. Thanks,

Jim Currie

Jim Currie